This website has been developed for the purpose of presenting a view of Daniel 11:45 that was first published by Uriah Smith in 1872. What I have done in this book that has just been published is to update his interpretation to fit the geopolitical landscape of today.

What you will discover when you understand the interpretation of the prophecy of Daniel 11:45 is that the situation in our world today is shaping up to bring about the fulfilment of this verse and its fulfillment will impact everyone on planet earth. The upheaval in the Arab world in 2011 helped provide the conditions necessary for the fulfilment of this verse. You will not be able to understand the interpretation of this verse until you understand the preceding 44 verses. And the beautiful thing about this chapter is that anyone who has access to historical records can decipher the prophecies in this chapter sufficiently to be able to know the meaning of verse 45. The fact is, chapter 11 is simply a collection of news headlines from a specific region of this world that were given to Daniel that span the time from the kingdom of Medo-Persia down to our very day. Why would God give us such a detailed list of news headlines to watch for? He wants us to know when we are getting close to that event described in Daniel 12:1.

My name is John Witcombe and I and my wife Sharon have worked in pastoral ministry since 1994. We have one married daughter who has just made us proud grandparents. Understanding Daniel 11:45 has impacted my life significantly and I want you to understand tomorrow’s headlines before they take place so that you too can make the same preparation that I am making. This is what Bible prophecy was written for. This book presents a view of the near future that you probably have never heard before and yet it was widely taught in the 19th century.

In January of 2010 I read an original version of Uriah Smith’s Daniel and the Revelation. As I read his commentary on Daniel 11:45 I immediately saw the relevancy of what he wrote to what was happening in our world today. Smith was making application of this verse to the geopolitical conditions of his day. I simply translated that to our day and I saw that something very sobering is about to take place. You owe it to yourself to investigate what Daniel 11:45 means to us today.



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